A1 UK Spouse Visa test

A1 ESOL Entry 1 English Language Course Test

spouseAt Best Training Centre have experienced teachers to assist you to prepare for A1 Entry 1 Speaking and Listening exam for your UK spouse visa. The course and test we provide is as below,

A1 English Language Certificate of the CEFR or ESOL Entry 1 in Speaking and Listening only.

For UK Spouse Visa test, we offer full service, training, test and certificate. Flexible timings and guarantee to teach you until you pass. We have different training packages according to your intitial assessment.

For A1 English exam for spouse visa, we have exams every week! All our exams are Home Office approved.

We are open from Monday to Thursday and Saturday. We have our UK Spouse Visa test every week. We will do our best to prepare you as quick as possible for the ESOL A1 English exam and get your A1 certificate as soon as possible for your marriage visa.

If you or your future partner requires A1 English Language Certificate for UK Spouse Visa, you have come to the right place. Immediate start is available. Please call us for full details on 0207 247 5851.

Please note for A1 UK spouse visa test we provide tuition and exams only in the UK. We can not give you any information for other countries. If you or your spouse needs A1 English Language Certificate for UK Spouse visa outside the UK, please contact British Embassy in the country of your residence or British Council there.

We have helped thousands of students to pass English exams for the Home Office. We are an accredited college. So call us now on 0207 247 5851 or 0753 489 7062.


To book your exam, please fill out every field of the form below. If you are filling out the form please make sure you are ready to make a payment and confirm your booking.

27 Responsesso far.

  1. Rhodalobyn Jacob says:

    I am taking an English test for the renewal of my visa this December.I contacted you since I need guide on how to take it and what is the important things to do.Hope to hear from you.Thanks.

  2. Imran says:

    How much u charge for A1 certifcate

    • TARIQ MAHMOOD says:


      • admin says:

        She will have to do the course or test in Morocco at an approved centre or do it in the UK if she comes to visit. This is a speaking and listening exam and at the moment can not be done online.

    • sherif says:

      my wife is in egypt i understand that she has to sit the test there but is there any chance to buy the material from you ,and how much .thanks

      • admin says:

        The exam available to her in Egypt will be very different to the one we offer in the UK. Our material will be of very little help.

  3. Sarah Mohammed says:

    My husband in Yemen and he want to do the test. What information does he need to learn?

  4. Ramasamy says:

    I am british citizen. my wife in india. I want to sponsor my wife to london.my place not ESOL test centre. My place is Madurai(tamilnadu India).Can you tell me any test centre in madurai or some where around there. please send the information to my email. Thankyou.

  5. GinithaDavis says:

    My husband in India we are trying to apply for him indefinite leave to remain visa but he needs at least A 1 level English exam certificate. Could you please let me know is there any canters in India to give the exam please.

  6. rizwan shahid says:

    English language test who much its cost who many day its take to pass test and get certificate thank can u send all detail to me its aproved by uk border agency thank

  7. VIKKI says:

    Hi i am getting married in tunisia in december as well as apply for the visa for my husband to come here. does he need to do the exam before or after he gets to england. does he need it to get his visa, how much and is there a place to sit the exam in tunisia? thanks

  8. Albina says:

    Hello! I would like to get your advice. I’m in the UK on a visa – spouse from March 2011. next spring I have the right to apply for permanent residence. but I’m not ready to take the test of life in the UK and so I will renew the visa of his wife. UK Border Agency encourages me to take the test – English (speaking and listening ) at Level A1 (CEFR)
    Give the address where your nearest center if I live in Skegness, Lincolnshire the exam ? and I would like to know if your employees are able to speak in Russian? please. with respect and thank you in advance, Albina

    • admin says:

      Hi, unfortunately at the moment there is no one who can speak Russian. Please call us for more information as you have other options available to you for your Application for Permanent Residence or even Further Leave to Remain. You can contact us on 0207 247 5851.

  9. Albina says:

    Thank you very much for the attention, but unfortunately I still very difficult to speak in English… Of course I will try to contact you in the next few days. with respect , Albina

  10. Elizabeth says:

    pls l will like to know more about this test,,because this is my frist time of seeing this informtion,,l got 2yrs settlement visa which is go to go out in the next 2month,,,l do l need to go 4 this test

  11. zack says:

    Have you got any English language test center in Iran and Kurdistan.
    What book do you recommend for ESOL Entry 1 in Speaking and Listening.

  12. mahdeya says:

    Hi my sister live in german her honaband in the uk she want come here which exam should she give far visa. A1 or not another one.

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